How to Reduce Weight by Using a Treadmill?



            Are you planning to lose weight or are you under the threat of cardiovascular diseases? Then, shed your weight by working out in Treadmill. Treadmill is an exercise machine with a controllable rotating belt, in which you can walk or run. Irrespective of day or night and summer or winter, you can use a treadmill on a day- today- basis.

You can choose low, moderate or high intensity exercise and the sensors will capture your heart rate and it displays the calories you shed. The time of workout and pulse are monitored to reduce the risk of heart issue and fatigue. The safety feature of the treadmill comes with a safety clip.

The magnetic clip end is attached to the monitor area of the treadmill and you can clip the other end on your clothing. It will reduce the risk of falling and by removing it you can safely stop the machine. So, it is safe even in case of power failures. Combining strength training with Treadmill workouts will give you the best results.

Can I shed Weight with Treadmill?

If you are confused, then ‘Yes, you can!’ Treadmill is one of the best aerobic and cardio exercise machines. It is ideal if you intend to undergo a weight loss journey.

One can use it throughout the year and that's the best thing about treadmills. Watching a program, hearing your favourite music and listening to the latest news are the enhanced advantages of using a treadmill.

The handrails on both sides will be a boon, if you are recovering from an injury. And handrails will support the beginners or aged groups. Exercising in Treadmill reduces the risk of cardiovascular and other lifestyle disorders.

A good exercise improves sleep, boosts your mood and ensures the proper functioning of the brain. In the gym or at your home, you can easily engage yourself in Treadmill workouts

Workout Plans

            Following are some of the workout plans you can do in a Treadmill,

  1. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Work and rest alternatively to attain your weight goal. By taking appropriate intervals or breaks, this workout method burns calories, which will reduce the fat deposits. By enhancing proper metabolism, the body resumes to its normal state. Here, the body undergoes severe high intensity exercise for a short time and with intermittent resting time, the workout turns out to be a tremendous fat burster.
  2. Changing the routine: Do a different program each time. It reduces the risk of injury, challenges your body with new exercises and prevents boredom.
  3. Inclination Ratio: Walk or run by setting inclination ratio. It activates more muscles and burns calories more than fat. The average jogging speed is 4 mph to 6 mph. Then increase your inclination ratio at regular intervals to its maximum inclination range. After hitting the maximum inclination revere the whole process to normal level.

Sample Exercise pattern

  1. Regular Exercise

Step 1: Walk in flat mode for 10 minutes as a warm up workout.

Step 2: Set your maximum speed as a gradual process and walk for 25-65 minutes.

Step 3: Then gradually reduce the speed to the level of warm up.

Step 4: Then Stop the exercise session and conclude the exercise.

  1. Inclined Exercises

Step 1: Walk on a flat surface for about 5-10 minutes.

Step 2: Set inclination ratio to 1% and workout for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Increase the inclination ration in each 5 minutes to its maximum level.

Step 4: Then gradually decline and wrap up the workout session.

  1. Routine Workouts

Create a pattern of a variety of exercises in Treadmill and follow the routine. One such sample is given here,

Monday: Gentle walk for a minimum time span.

Tuesday: HIIT workout routine for 30- 40 minutes.

Wednesday: Intermittent rest and light Treadmill workout.

Thursday: HIIT workout routine for 30- 40 minutes by setting inclination ratio.

Friday: Light jogging with muscle exercises.

Saturday: HIIT workout for 25- 30 minutes.

Sunday: Light jogging and even can enjoy a cheat day from workouts.

Advantages of Treadmill workouts

            It reduces weight and enhances cardiovascular health. Treadmill exercises improves endurance, controls blood sugar level and subsequently increases HDL or good cholesterol level. It improves memory and cognition and protects from Alzheimer’s disease.

It promotes healthy skin and strengthens muscles. By decreasing fatigue, it reduces joint stiffness. Treadmill is a good stress reliever and anti-anxiety remedy. It promotes better sleep, increases energy levels and boosts your immune system.

It is even beneficial in sexual health and reproduction. Treadmills are ideal in reducing belly fat. You can push your limits and do the routine exercise to reduce fat.


            There are some minor risks associated with Treadmills, for instance, using it without reading the guidance and using it without taking the precautions can cause accidents. For people who have physical disability or those who have chronic health issues, can consult your doctor for advice.

Your physician will be able to direct you about the time and inclination ratio, which you can work on.  Seeking the expert opinion of your physical trainer would be highly beneficial, since it reduces risk.