Barbell Set

The Essential Guide to Choosing the Perfect Barbell Set for Your Home Gym


Would you like to focus on strength training? Setting up a home gym in the United Arab Emirates is an excellent investment for your fitness journey.

The barbell set is one of the best and most essential pieces of equipment for your home gym. This article will help you to choose the right barbell set for your home gym in Dubai.

Barbell Set

What is Barbell?

            Barbell, in simple words, is the longer version of dumbbells. It is used for free weight training and for competitive sports.

Bicep curl, bench press, Olympic weightlifting, overhead press, deadlift and squat are few exercises done using the barbell. It consists of a bar with adjustable weighted disk plates at the ends.

It is ideal for athletes and sports persons as the best strength training equipment. With barbell pads, attached to the barbells, this fitness is safe to use at home gyms. To Order online Contact, the top home gym equipment sellers of Dubai.

Barbell Set

Different Types of Barbells

Different types of barbells are available in the market. Each barbell set is designed for a specific purpose. The two most common types of Barbell set are Olympic Barbell Set and Standard Barbell Set.

An Olympic Barbell Set is a standard item for professional weight lifters. Men and women have different weight options. The rotating sleeves aid in adding weight plates.

It has the standard diameter (2.2 inches). Thus, it is compatible with Olympic weight plates.

In contrast to Olympic barbells, the Standard Barbell Set is light with 5 to 7-foot length. Its diameter is around 1 inch and is compatible with standard weight plates that have 1-inch diameter holes.

Even though it is pocket friendly, it is not durable like Olympic barbells. To know the best barbell set online in Dubai contact now.

How to choose the right one?

Whenever you buy home gym equipment, you would be worried about the things you have to remember. The most significant factors are as follows,

1. Weight Capacity: Consider your current and future strength levels. Olympic barbells typically have higher weight capacities, ranging from 700 lbs. (317 kg) to 1500 lbs. (680 kg) or more, whereas standard barbells usually have lower capacities, around 200 lbs. (90 kg) to 300 lbs. (136 kg). Choose a barbell that can accommodate your heaviest lifts and provides room for growth.

2. Material Used: consider top quality materials. Olympic barbells are made from alloy steel, which have a good strength and durability.

Certain Barbells are enhanced with additional coatings like chrome or zinc for corrosion resistance.

Do not buy low quality barbells, wherein the materials might bend or break when heavy loads are used.

3. Knurling and Grip: The term "knurling" refers to the textured pattern on the barbell's surface that enhances grip.

Some barbells have aggressive knurling for a firm grip. In some cases, the less aggressive grip gives comfort.

So, buy knurling that suits your lifting preferences based on your hand size.

4. Sleeve Rotation: Ensure smooth and reliable rotation of the sleeves of the barbell. It prevents unnecessary stress on the wrists during the exercise.

The top-quality barbells have needle bearings or bushings. It facilitates smooth rotation and gives high comfort.

5. Barbell Length: Barbells are shorter in its standardized version. However, Olympic barbells are of different lengths.

Based on your space at home, you can consider buying an appropriate barbell. To know more and to find the suitable one contacts our customer care executive through

6. Type of the Collar: Collar secures the weight plates on the sleeves. Barbells have traditional spring collars as well as advanced options like screw collars, clamp collars, or even quick-release mechanisms.

Finding out the suitable one is necessary, if you want to identify the one that suits you, you can consult an expert from now!

7. Price and Warranty: When you invest in any gym equipment it should always be within your budget. If you buy a top-quality barbell at a higher price, it will last longer.

Moreover, high quality and branded products will have the warranty, which the manufacturer offers for any defects. Make sure that you have a warranty card with it.

8. Brand Reputation: Consider reading customer reviews and ratings. Find the best brand and best sellers with good customer service.

9. Right Weight Plates: Buy the appropriate weight plates that complement the barbell. Based on your choice of barbell, pick either Olympic or standard plates.

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High quality fitness products are an asset and it ensures safety. Barbells guarantees a wide range of strength training exercises.

It is safe and durable and since it works without electricity, it is a one-time investment product. Buy products with soft touchpoints that are strong and durable.

Such top-quality products ensure the durability of the product from knocks and drops caused by accidental falls. Contact us now to know about the best-selling products and to know more about the barbell set.