• Controlled training for the Biceps
  • Grip arrangement protects the wrists
  • Provides a comfy exercise design
  • High quality and stable plate loaded equipment
  • Excellent biomechanics & high training comfort
  • Stainless Steel screwing
  • Cool design with rounded Arms

The Biceps Curl replicates the same biceps curl following the movement pattern of the elbow's physiological power curve under load. The pure mechanical structure transmission makes the load transmission smoother, and the addition of ergonomic optimization makes the training more comfortable.

Ergonomic Design
● The ergonomically designed, curved chest pads can better adapt to the contours of the torso and help users improve their posture during the arm curls.

Free Weight Sensation
● The 4-bar linkage ensures the direct transmission of the load weight, which provide same freedom and sensation as free weight training to the exerciser.

Handle Optimization
● The adaptive handle design allows exercisers to maintain most of the tension in the biceps during training while avoiding overloading the wrists and forearms.

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