Dual Adjustable Pulley FM 1002 | Versatile Home Gym Equipment - XFITNESS


Dual Adjustable Pulley FM 1002 by Into Wellness/Real leader USA is a versatile functional training equipment offering multiple workout possibilities.

  • Accessories holding rack.
  • Smooth adjustable pulley columns on each side.
  • Several cable attachments can be used.
  • Multi-grip pull-up handles offering multiple exercise possibilities.
  • Smooth motion with an accurate pulley arrangement.
  • Safety Shrouds for the weight tower.
  • The Dual Adjustable Pulley enables users to train various muscle groups and perform several strength training workouts that build balance, stability, and power.  
  • It is a perfect choice for home gyms as well as offering multiple workout possibilities.
  • Exercises that can be done on this machine include Lat Pull-down, Squats, Rows, Inner/Outer thigh Kicks, etc.  
  • Dimensions: 1220X2580X2330MM

    Weight Stack: 397LBS/180KG

    Net Weight: 218KG

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