Impulse Fitness Recumbent Bike ECR7 | Cardio Workout Equipment - XFITNESS


  • Completely self-powered
  • Features a large, comfortable seat
  • Large handlebars with 2 position options
  • Heart rate sensors & elbow rests
  • Large pedals feature a grippy texture & an adjustable strap
  • Transportation wheels for comfortable movement
  • Incorporated self-generating brake system
  • 6-inch window LED, DOT matric display

The Impulse Fitness Commercial ECR7A recumbent bike makes it easier to work your thighs, calves, and glutes. Unlike an upright bike, it has a wider and lower seat. Furthermore, recumbent bikes are much easier to balance on and sit comfortably on, making them ideal for those with arthritis. It's possible to progress and regress on the Impulse Fitness Encore Commercial Recumbent Bike. Start with light resistance and gradually increase it as your strength and stamina improve. It also enables a more varied workout, which is beneficial for interval or sprint training.

The product features a six-window LED and DOT matric display that displays your workout progress. It has multiple windows that display various types of information to be fed back to the user, making your workout more enjoyable. The console displays all of the necessary data, such as speed, time, watts, calories, RPM, and distance. The seat is large and comfortable, making it suitable for a wide range of users. There are 13 different height increments to choose from. Rapid resistance level adjusters are also included on the handlebars, allowing users to quickly and easily increase or decrease resistance levels. The strap aids in the workout by allowing you to use the energy you expend pulling your leg up to power the bike. This bike comes with a number of useful accessories, including two bottle holders and a phone holder.

Model Number 13030402-101
Adjustable 12 seat adjustment positions
Display 6 LED window + 16x8 Dot Matrix
Feedback Speed, Time, Watts, Calories, RPM, Distance, Heart Rate, Resistance
Resistance Levels 20
Has wheels Yes
Dimensions 1132 x 628 x 1480mm
Weight 67.4kg
Maximum User Weight 150kg
Heart Rate Contact and telemetry heart rate
Power Supply Self Powered
Maximum User Weight 150 Kg
Resistance Levels 20
Console Display 6 LED window + 16×8 Dot Matrix
Console Readouts Speed, Time, Watts, Calories, RPM, Distance, Heart Rate, Resistance
Heart Rate Monitoring Contact and telemetry heart rate
Integrated features (bottle holder, USB, Speakers etc) 2 x bottle holders, a phone holder and a reading rack
Transportation wheels Yes
Product Weight 67.4kg
Product Dimension 1132 x 628 x 1480mm
Pedal size Large textured pedals 
Other Features 12 seat adjustment positions, Self Powered


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