How Can You Shed Calories By Walking on a Treadmill?


            For cardio fitness and weight loss people prefer treadmills over other fitness equipment in Dubai. The time, calories you shed with inclination ratio and your pulse and heart rate are displayed on the digital display of the treadmill. However, it varies depending upon the age, body weight, exercise intensity, speed, inclination ratio and the warmup sessions prior to the exercise on Treadmill.

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How to lose weight on the treadmill?

            Treadmill will help you to walk and it is efficient in gradually increasing the speed to the running pace. Harder the workout, will give you a better weight loss result! The factors affecting workouts and things to remember in Treadmill workouts are as follows,

  1. Efficiency: your potential to sustain the workout and the time you spend on it. Always do smart workouts in Treadmill. Do a warmup before the actual workout since the first 15 minutes of your workouts are taken as the warmup of your body.
  2. Intensity: the hard work or effort you put on doing exercise. The effort you give your heart and lungs increases the calories you burn and it reduces the risk of fat deposits.
  3. Handrails: In some treadmills with handrails, the calorie measurement might be different from the rate it displayed. So based on your personal factors, do exercise accordingly.
  4. Smooth surface: If you walk for burning calories or fat, the smooth surface of the treadmill doesn’t take much energy. So running or quick walks on the treadmills are more effective.
  5. Speed: The speed you set on your workouts matters more! Higher speed sheds more calories at a minimum time and it will reduce boredom. So, shorter time with higher speed increases efficiency.
  6. Inclination ratio: Walking upward or hill motion burns more calories. It takes more effort to walk or run, than on the smooth surface. Depending on your inclination ratio, you can burn a minimum of 10- 15 calories.
  7. Body weight: If you weigh more, the probability of burning more calories is high. So body weight and nature and genetics of the body plays a vital role.
  8. Age: Based on the age, calorie and weight shedding journey will change. The daily calorie intake reduces, once you age. So, in tender ages, it is easier to shed more calories.
  9. Gender: The rate of calorie loss of men and women are different. So, the ratio of weight loss also differs while working out in a treadmill workout.
  10. Health Condition: if you have neurological or cardiovascular diseases you should seek the advice of the doctor.

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How to choose a treadmill for home use

            When you plan to purchase a treadmill for your home gym, purchase them from trusted agents. Consider the weight and body condition of the user. Check for the reasonable price in the UAE. Make sure that you use them every day as a routine workout plan. The condition of used Treadmills might not be fit to use. Consider the following factors:

  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Features

It is necessary for the treadmill to have a good capacity and stable performance; only then can the machine support you in your prolonged exercise session. It should be comfortable with the necessary advanced features. Curious to know more? Get in touch with us now through this link and find your right exercise equipment through us.


How much can you shed with a treadmill?

            The average data of calorie burn is given below; however, it varies based on your body weight and body structure and inclination ratio of the machine also affects the workout result.

  • 5 mph burns 240 calories in 1 hour
  • 5 mph burns 480 calories in 1 hour
  • 6 mph burns 600 calories in 1 hour
  • 5 mph burns 750 calories in 1 hour


The workout time and speed are significant in your weight loss journey. Working out considering one's own limit is of prime importance. Treadmill is a basic necessity for every gym, especially in home setup. The excess calories you gain through food intake or due to genetic or physical condition can be removed on a day- to- day basis when you have a treadmill at your home.

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