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Gym equipments

Top 10 Gym Equipment’s for a Full-Body Workout


Choosing the right equipment for your home gym is as significant as doing workouts. While doing exercise in your personal gym, you can choose which part of your body requires more movements. Depending on your requirements, you can opt for the best gym equipment in Dubai. Treadmill is always the best choice for your home gym, so buy an absolute combo for the treadmill and get the best results.

Confused about buying new fitness equipment for your home in Dubai? Don’t worry about which one to choose, continue reading this article and purchase the best equipment for your home gym in the UAE. So here are the top 10 exercise equipment for your home gym in Dubai, from which you can choose the one that suits you. If you are checking out for the best gym equipment suppliers in the United Arab Emirates, then contact for more details.

Gym equipments

Top 10 Gym Equipment’s

            Strong desire and right equipment will help you to overcome all personal and professional constraints. Your weight and physical condition influence your exercise and the calorie burning process. Here we pick the top 10 exercise equipment for you to set up in your home gym.

 1. Treadmill

Gym equipments

This cardio workout machine is ideal for every home gym, since it allows you to walk kilometer's, irrespective of the day and night cycle. When you pick up a treadmill, consider maximum speed, inclination ratio and present programs. The quality of shock absorbers, running belt, handles and compatible folding options gives best performance. If you are searching for “the best treadmill for my home gym” then, is your best choice in Dubai. For more details contact our customer executive now!

 2. Elliptical

Gym equipments

If you want to reduce fat in a short time, then elliptical suits you the best. In an hour an elliptical can burn around 800 calories. The intensive workout with proper diet in an elliptical guarantees the best result.

3. Exercise Bikes

Gym equipments

The machine is efficient in burning calories and it helps to strengthen your heart, lungs and muscles. It is efficient as an aerobic workout machine and it is ideal for heart health.

4. Multi Gym

Gym equipments

The wide range of exercise with multi gym ensures complete health at home. With a single machine, you can enjoy the privilege of using a professional gym. To build muscle and to burn fat, it is the best full body workout machine.

5. Rower

Gym equipments

Rowing machines are good for upper body and lower body workouts. It is a total body workout machine which protects your heart and lungs. It is efficient in building power and to increase endurance, similar to that of an elliptical.

6. Functional Trainers

Gym equipments

Functional trainers upgrade your body movements and improve strength and physical performance. This machine is especially good for a sports person. It reduces injuries and ensures mobility and strength, especially if you care about shape and fitness.

7. Plate Loaded Machine

Gym equipments

It has precise muscle resistance with interchangeable weight options. It helps in improving muscles and it can be used by people who have different body types.

8. Pin Loaded Machine

Gym equipments

This strength enhancing machine is good for body building and for muscle strength. It is safe and effective while doing weight training. In this you can change the resistance by moving the pin up or down, buy the best product for your home gym through online from, the most popular home fitness suppliers in the United Arab Emirates.

9. Benches

Gym equipments

The muscles and upper body are highly benefited by this workout machine. If you are interested in power lifting or strength training a bench is an unavoidable exercise machine.

10. Dumbbell

Gym equipments

Last, but a conventional workout tool for your home is always a dumbbell. It has lower risk of injury and it activates muscle. It is budget friendly and you don't have to worry about the electricity it consumes.

Apart from this workout equipment a yoga mat is a great companion in every workout. When it is made up of the right material with appropriate thickness, texture and stickiness, you can work out any yoga posture without tension. It is cost effective and space friendly.

Other Requirements and Things to Remember

When you are planning for a workout, make sure that you keep your phone, music/ video player, smart watch, water and towel in comfortable positions. The motivational background will enlighten your mood to work out even more. The water bottle will help you to regain your energy, especially when you sweat your calories.

Amidst tight work schedule and under constant family commitments home gyms turns out to be an unavoidable option. So set your home gym at a convenient space and you can opt out for the home gym set up service of, to create a perfect set up.


If you are still confused about your home gym, then feel free to contact us now! Being the best sellers of fitness equipment, we guarantee to provide you the best gym set up. With the best options of workout equipment for your home gym, delivery service, installation, maintenance and warranty, would never disappoint you. Choose your right equipment online in Dubai and follow the workout routine to stay healthy!