Battle Rope

Which is More Efficient for Working Out: ‘Battle Rope or Jump Rope’?


Are you searching about 'battle ropes and Jump rope?' lf you are searching for a safe, low budget and space compatible workout machine, battle ropes and jump rope wouldn't disappoint you. Since they are cost effective and economical fitness equipment, they are the best ideal options for your home gym.

In this article, you will get to know more about battle rope and jump rope. The article will help you to pick between battle rope and jump rope. To order high quality battle rope or jump rope at an affordable price for your home gym in Dubai contact us now.

Battle Rope

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are also known as battling ropes or heavy ropes. They are used for full body fitness training to increase body strength and for body conditioning. John Brookfield designed it in 2006. It is a resistance training technique. There are different types of battle ropes. To find the best one that suits you, contact our customer care executive now!

Benefits of Battle Rope

Battle ropes are efficient in cardio workouts. It incorporates functional training into the routine by improving strength, cardiovascular endurance and power. The high athletic performance especially speed, power, strength, flexibility, agility, balance, aerobic and muscular endurance are improved when battle rope is used for exercise. It can be used for improving specific muscle groups.

Determining the appropriate size and weight is significant. However it is based on the user’s current fitness level. The rope is tied or placed on an anchor which is fixed on the wall or on the ground. Thick rope is heavy and is more efficient than the lighter one. To know more about battle rope personalization for your home gym contact us now in the United Arab Emirates.

Battle Rope

Exercises with Battle Rope

By using Battle ropes a wide range of activities can be done. Some of them are listed below.

1. Single-arm Wave: Hold a rope in each hand by maintaining posture. Bend backward the shoulders and bend the knees by using complete body strength. Swing the ropes together below the shoulder level continuously. With constant movement it resembles the movement of waves. In every minute pause for 30 seconds. It will push your limits gradually.

2. Double-arm Wave: In double arm waves, the hands are waved alternatively. So hand movements are always in the opposite direction.

3. Alternating Waves: In this one hand relaxes when the other moves giving a relaxing effect to one hand, alternatively.

4. Jumping Slam: Jump by swinging the rope continuously by both hands. This entire body will be energized. It also increases strength.

5. Rope slam: Here the effort is to be given in slamming the ground by swinging the rope hard.

The benefits and use of battle ropes are not limited to this. To know more about battle rope contact us now!

Battle Rope

Jump Rope

Jump rope is an exercising tool used by one or more people to jump over a rope swing. When it is swinged their feet skips above the rope. There are multiple subsets exercises including single freestyle, single speed, pairs, three person speed or Double Dutch and three person freestyle or Double Dutch freestyle.

Jump Rope

Advantages of Jump Rope

Jump ropes are also called Skipping rope. To burn fat use jump rope as the best option. It is cost effective, safe and can be used by people of every age. It is a vigorous and intensive activity. It improves heart rate and helps in shedding calories. Want to know more benefits? Then continue reading the article and Regarding doubts contact us.

While choosing jump ropes, identify the intended use, experience level, comfortability of handles, size adjustment, and most significantly top quality product, based on the height, weight and health condition of the user. For a home gym or for base exercise battle rope and jump rope are inevitable. It is least space consuming and can be easily transported from one place to another.

Jump Rope

Exercise with Jump Rope

1. HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a trending exercise method. It is done by mixing high intensity and low intensity activity at regular intervals.

2. Basic jump: Here, a beginner can jump continuously by pushing their limit from 15 minutes to one hour. However it is based on the capacity of the individual. To get to know more contact us now!

3. Speed: Speed training intends to increase the speed of movements on a gradual basis.

4. Weight Jump Rope: The customized weighted ropes are used for exercising. It improves strength and muscle. It is ideal for weight loss and muscle strength. Triple jumps, double jumps and semicircular jumps are popular exercises. To order the skipping rope online in Dubai, get in touch with us now.

Jump Rope


The article described the benefits and exercises done through battle ropes and jump rope. Battle ropes are more expensive than jump ropes. Jump ropes are cheap and economical. It is ideal for all age groups and it is safe.

If you want to buy top quality battle ropes and jump rope for your home gym in the United Arab Emirates then contact our customer care executive now! Jump rope and battle ropes are the best options for the beginners. These two items ideal for weight loss, strength training and are effective for fitness goals.