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Unlocking the Benefits of Using an Exercise Bike for Cardiovascular Health


Exercise bikes are also known as stationary bicycle, spinning bikes or exercycle. It is used for indoor cycling exercises. With saddle, pedals and unique handlebar exercise bikes are the best or most suitable option for your fitness goals. In short it is a special bicycle without wheels, for indoor exercises. In certain models’ upper body and lower body parts are exercised together.

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Cardiovascular Health

In low intensity you can work out more and in moderate speed you have to pedal for a limited time. However high intensity workout requires less time and are more effective. Working out in exercise bike controls blood pressure level. It will enhance blood flow by boosting the blood flow. By reducing the level of bad cholesterol level, exercise bikes are good for blood vessels and heart health.

By pedaling the exercise bike, the fat deposits are reduced and it is good for the blood vessels. When the blood vessels are healthy and active, it results in high flow of blood. Proper blood flow ensures heart health. It will shed calories and maintains weight. So, exercise bikes are effective for cardio workouts. To preserve your cardiovascular health, order exercise bike for your home gym in Dubai only from xfitness.ae

What are the workouts to do with exercise bikes?

There are different kinds of workouts to do with exercise bike at home. Some of them are as follows,

  • HIIT Workouts (High Intensity Interval Training): The intension of HIIT exercise is to get maximum result. In this, one has to pedal in high intensity for a particular time and take proportionate rest before continuing the high intensity workout after the interval.
  • Alternate Day workout: Exercise on alternate days for 25 minutes to 60 minutes. (However, consult a physician or trainer to seek proper advice).
  • 15 Minutes a day: If you are not interested in High Intensity Interval method, then opt for the duration of your choice. In fifteen minutes, exercise, do a warm- up that spans 5 minutes and slowly increase the speed to high intensity for 5 minutes. Then reduce the speed back to warm up in the last five minutes.
  • 30 minutes a day: It is the standard workout, since the first 15 minutes of the workout is meant for warm-up. Then do moderate or high intensity workout for 10 minutes and in the final 15 minutes reduce the speed.
  • High Intensity Workouts: in this exercise you can fix your limit according to your workout needs. Do it without intervals, continuously for a long time.

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Safe or Unsafe?

Lack of safety and extreme weather condition makes outdoor activities difficult. So, considering the high heat and cold in Dubai, indoor exercises are preferred. Exercise bikes required a limited space and are the healthy option. Wrong positioning of seat and handlebars lead to strains. So, the exercise machine and seating should be of standard size.

Types of Exercise bikes

There are three types of exercise bikes. They are upright, recumbent and dual action exercise bikes. The upright bikes and recumbent bikes are of high demand.

  • Upright Bikes: it helps cardio and strengthens leg and muscles. For prolonged workout long seats are required. It resembles regular bicycle with pedals positioned under the body.


exercise bike
  • Recumbent bikes: In this you can sit on a comfortable reclined position on a large seat positioned back from the pedals. Upper body, joints and hip is given least stress. With full body support it is less intense. It will be least fatigue and without muscle soreness. So, this type of exercise bikes is advised to people with cardiovascular health issues.
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Other health benefits

To increase general fitness, weight loss and for professional cycling event training, exercise bikes are a great companion. Due to its low impact, safety feature and cardio effectiveness it is used as part of physical therapy. So, it doesn't overuse the joints and avoids sporadic movements. It is also used for resistance training and for muscle strength.

Exercising burns calories and regulate blood sugar level. It also regulates cholesterol level by providing toning. The gentle use makes joints mobile without injuries and increases blood circulation rate. After physical injuries exercise bikes are used as part of the rehabilitation treatment. To know more about the best products, get in touch with us.

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Every exercise and workout equipment has its own benefits. However, if you want a lower body and cardio workout, then exercise bikes suit you the best. Exercise bikes helps you to work out in a closed space and are economically viable. Get the best machines from trusted sellers in Dubai. Contact Now!