Cardio Machines

Best Cardio Machines for your Fitness Journey


Are you searching for "the best cardio equipment for your home gym in Dubai?" Then continue reading the article for more details. The most significant thing that you should consider is your requirements. It will become a showpiece if the equipment is not your choice. If a person is reluctant to run, they would find it a waste of space and money to own a treadmill at home. Similarly, those who have exercise restrictions regarding weight or knee movements might not prefer dumbbells or an elliptical bike.

However, to avoid lifestyle diseases and to protect heart health, doctors or professional physical trainers suggests cardio workouts on a daily basis. In the United Arab Emirates home gyms are advised considering the climatic condition. If you are confused about picking up the right equipment for cardio workout for your home gym, contact our customer care service.

Cardio Machines

What to buy?

            Are you confused about the best cardio options in front of you? In this article you can find an ideal machine for your home gym in Dubai.

1. Treadmill: Running on a treadmill turns out to be a high impact activity. You can achieve your fitness goal better than any other cardio machines. Treadmill is the best equipment for high intensity joggings and runs, with appropriate inclination ratio. But it can also be used for walking if injured or are not good at high intensity workouts. However, treadmill runs are not advised for people who have health issues relating to knees, ankles, or back.

Cardio Machines

2. Elliptical: They are low impact fitness equipment and it is ideal for those who want low-impact cardio workout, especially those who are recovering from injuries. It works well in the upper and lower body simultaneously. The passive movement of shoulders is ensured if the person holds on to the handles, without giving much pressure. However, it consumes a large space, similar to that of a treadmill, so buy them based on your preference.

Cardio Machines

3. Exercise Bike: It works in high and low intensity as required or preferred. It bears the weight and thus, those who are recovering from injuries can opt this machine. If back pain issues persist, then prefer a machine that is upright for your back portion. To identify the ideal machine contact us now!

Cardio Machines

4. Rowing Machine: It is a best choice for those who wish to exercise both their lower and upper body. It also aids in the weight loss journey by burning the excess calories by muscle movement. It is a full body workout and thus, users who have lower back issues might find a rowing machine to be incompatible.

Cardio Machines

5. Benches: It improves muscle strength and increases blood flow. As a result, it reduces the probability of cardiovascular diseases. The strength training improves the condition of muscle mass, by improving the pumping of blood. It reduces arterial pressure, which reduces the risk of heart-related problems.

The HIIT Workout (High Intensity Interval Training), Alternate Day workout, High Intensity Workout and Low Intensity Workout can be practiced depending upon the individual’s stamina, based on the recommendation of a physical trainer or a doctor. To purchase the top-quality machine in the United Arab Emirates through online or for more queries Contact US Now.

How to Set up a Home Gym in Dubai?

            Dubai might be your second home, a city which magically fulfils your dream. But you might find it difficult to set up a personal gym in your second home. Don’t get puzzled, we are ready to assist you in setting up a gym. Want to know what we do?

1. Site Inspection: We visit your home to fix the appropriate space.

2. Planning: After finding the desired workout area, we help you to purchase suitable fitness equipment based on your preference, budget and space.

3. Gym Interior and Gym Flooring: We will assist you in fixing the gym interior and by providing effective gym flooring service.

4. Our Extended Services: Other Services including Gym interior , Gym Flooring, Gym lockers, Gym Signage, Gym Logo and Gym wall Posters are our premium highlights.

5. Gym Maintenance and Service: As part of our customer friendly service, we ensure periodical maintenance service to our customers. It is based on the annual maintenance contract (AMC) made with the customer, at the time of purchase.

To know more details regarding maintenance, AMC and regarding the fitness equipment, contact our customer care executive now! is one of the top-quality home gym equipment sellers in the United Arab Emirates.

Cardio Machines


            Finding the best equipment and top-quality product might keep you puzzled. As the best home gym equipment sellers in the United Arab Emirates, we guarantee you the best workout machines. We ensure to deliver you the top-quality workout equipment delivery with installation service, maintenance and warranty. We, will never disappoint you. Pick your equipment online in Dubai and exercise peacefully at your home!