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Rowing machines

What are the Benefits of Having a Rowing Machine?


            Rowing machines known as ergometers or ergs is a total-body workout machine. Rowing machines help to develop the strength of arms, legs and improves cardiovascular health. It burns excess calories and increases endurance. This low-impact workout is easier for the joints similar to high-impact exercises like jogging and running. It aids you in achieving your fitness goals.

            It is one of the best- beginner friendly equipment. A rowing machine or an indoor rower equipment creates the feeling of rowing a boat. If you have more doubts about buying a rower, then read the entire article. Rower is always an ideal option for fitness enthusiasts. To choose the best rowers in the United Arab Emirates, Visit Now.

Rowing machines

Advantages of Rowing Machine

The repetitive smooth- gliding motion with low intensity reduces pressure and calms your mind and body. Even with low intensity, rower gives you the best result. If you are searching for the benefits of a rowing machine at a home gym, then here are some advantages of the rowing machine.

1. Low Impact Workout Machine: The machine is a low impact cardio, which does not involve running or jumping. Thus, it limits the pressure on your joints and muscles. It reduces the risk of arthritis.

2. Full Body Workout: It strengthens the upper body and lower body, without joint pain. However, concentration can be given to either upper or lower body, as per your preference.

3. Suits Everyone: Irrespective of the fitness level, rowing machines give the best results. The resistance level and load can be adjusted, depending upon the personal condition of the user.

4. The Best Cardio Machine: Compared to other cardio machines like treadmills and elliptical bikes, rowers give the best and positive cardiovascular result. If you prefer a full body workout with limited equipment, then a rower is irreplaceable in-home gym setup.

5. Flexibility: The rowing machines are foldable and are flexible in its usage and space consumption. It is a machine that creates the least sound.

6. Injury Free and User Friendly: Rowers reduce the risk of injuries and it is advised as the low impact training equipment for rehabs.

Thus, this low impact cardiovascular workout machine improves strength, endurance and cardiovascular health. It is an ideal choice for those who want lower body and upper body exercise. It can be even used during pregnancy, with the consent of the attending physician. To know more contact us now.

It also helps in the weight loss journey by burning the excess calories through proper muscle movement. However, this full body workout machine is incompatible for users with lower back ailments. It is not ideal for group training. It can be done on a day-to-day basis, however, overdoing the exercise may cause joint pain, back pain, chest or shoulder pain. Following are the health benefits of having a rower at the home gym setup in Dubai.


Rowing machines

Health Benefits of rowers

  • Burns fat/ Calories: Rowers are the best workout machine that burns excess fat deposit on your body, which increases blood flow. It shields you from heart diseases and is good for liver health. The calorie burns, resulting in excessive fat burn improves overall health.
  • Ensures Cardiovascular Health: The proper blood flow and oxygen level is optimizer while exercising with a rower.
  • Aerobic Fitness: It increases stamina and endurance. It is one of the best aerobic workouts that ensures good heart health.
  • Full Body Conditioning: Unlike other high intensity workout machines, rowers are the best in full body conditioning. However, an individual can choose either upper body or lower body workout as well.
  • Posture: It strengthens the back side of the body. It burns calories and improves arm and leg muscle tone.
Rowing machines

How to Exercise in a Rower?

If you are searching for the steps to do the workout, here you go! Read out the following steps and contact us to know more!

Step 1: Be seated on the rower

Step 2: Bent your knees and secure your feet on the foot bar or straps.

Step 3: Pull the handle that is fixed in the front part of the machine with a cable at the flywheel.

Step 4: Push your back using your legs in a smooth way by simultaneously pulling the handle towards the chest.

Step 5: Make cyclic movement continuously by pushing the limits.

It is not advised to people who have back pain and to those who have rare physical ailments to use a rower.

Rowing machines


            Rower improves stamina level and overall fitness of the body. It strengthens your heart and your body by burning calories and by enhancing your immune system. It improves mood and often provides a soothing meditative effect to your mind. This endurance training is ideal for every home gym. It strengthens and tone the muscles and is compatible in a home gym set up.

Home gyms are convenient in a busy skyscraper city like Dubai. However, the limitation of space limits the idea of setting up a gym at home. If you are facing such an issue, contact our customer care executive to fix an appointment for gym setup and gym flooring services. To get in touch with the best and popular fitness equipment sellers in Dubai visit our official website now!