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The Importance of Choosing the Right Gym Flooring for Safety and Performance


A perfect gym requires perfect flooring. Gym flooring affects the performance while doing the strength training, functional training, weight training and body weight regulation. The gym flooring looks good and offers a professional look for your home gym. The top quality gym flooring efficiently manages shock absorption and is easier to maintain.

High quality interlocking gym flooring tiles are non-slip in nature. It reduces vibrations and noise. It also reduces odor and it is easy to clean. Proper cleaning avoids bacteria formation caused by sweat. The rubber floor safeguards your fitness equipment from probable damages. It also gives a balance to your body with its anti-grip property. For more details contact us now.

gym flooring

Advantages of of having a home gym flooring

The different types of gym flooring have different uses. If you are looking for the significance of a gym flooring for your Dubai home, then checkout the following benefits!

1. Floor Protection: It protects your real flooring, specially concrete or wood; from causing any accidental damage. Noise turns out to be the main problem faced in home gyms. However, the professional gym flooring reduces noise disturbances in your home gym in Dubai.

2. Safety: Gym flooring is always safe, since it is made for rough gym use. Gym flooring resists accidental falls with its anti-slip protective measure. It also reduces injuries caused by workouts.

3. Durability: It is made for rough usage by reducing weight-oriented falls.

4. Easy cleaning facility: With proper cleaning routine gym floors are hygienic and will also reduce bad odor.

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gym flooring

Disadvantages of gym flooring

Every coin has two sides and gym flooring is not an exception. Here are few of them,

    1. Installation in large spaces is time consuming.
    2. Minor probability of water leakage, with wear and tear.
    3. Untextured and low quality rubber tile may tend to be slippery.
    4. Low quality rubber flooring may cause a rubbery smell for some  time.


However, the negative effects are of least significance. The being the most popular home gym equipment seller and gym flooring service provider in Dubai, entrusts to deliver you top quality- genuine products. By guaranteeing the top quality equipment and the best service, you can experience the best customer friendly service in Dubai.

Types of gym Flooring

There are different types of gym flooring, they are as follows,

1. Interlocking Rubber Tiles

It is one of the most popular gym floor options available in the market. It ensures stability and grip to the floor. It is easy to install and can be arranged according to the needs of the customer

2. Rolled Rubber

Rolled rubber flooring, unlike interlocking rubber, covers a wide area. It is durable and slip resistant. It has sound resistance properties. It has different thickness levels.

High thickness level ensures high sound resistance property.

3. Standard Rubber Gym Tiles

It is generally recommended for weight training. They are comparatively thick and reduce the chances of damage.

4. Foam Tiles

Foam tiles are softer in nature and are used for low intensity workouts. Foam tiles are of different colors and patterns and thus it attracts the attention of children. Thus, if you have a child at home then foam tiles are ideal for your home gym, which will inspire them to do healthy workouts.

5. Synthetic Gym Turf

It is soft and grass-like fibs, which are comfortable with proper grip. It can be used for various purposes. It can be customized according to the user’s convenience and it can be used for multi-purposes.

To beautify or for partition, you can use gym markers or floor tapes. It might interest your child. Sometimes, even the pet would love

Factors before choosing gym flooring equipment.

There are few factors which you should consider before selecting the gym flooring.

They are as follows,

1. Usage: You should consider the type of exercise you do before purchasing gym floor mats. The weight training and high impact activities require appropriate tough flooring. To enquire more, contact our customer care executive now.

2. Installation and maintenance: Consider the floor installation facilities and check the availability of a service assistant. Ensure the continuing service of an agent for maintenance and choose cost effective and high quality flooring products.

3. Preference and cleaning: Consider your personal preference before buying the product. Constantly clean the flooring from sweat and dust.

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Weight drop, running and jumping equipment makes noise and causes injury. Gym flooring aids you from causing injuries and safeguards your floor. The rubber floorings are eco-friendly and sustainable since it is recyclable. They are waterproof and endures moisture content. It lasts for a minimum of 20 years or more and it is stable.

With low maintenance However, gym flooring is a labor-intensive process, which needs the support of contractors or service agents. In Dubai, you might be confused to find a trusted and top quality gym flooring service provider. Then visit our website today and order the best gym floor mats and gym floor markers with gym flooring service at an affordable price.