Plate Loaded Machines

Why Plate Loaded Machines are Ideal for Functional Training?


Plate loaded machines are always a dream for those who are interested in weightlifting workout sessions. If you are considering an effective and maintenance free workout machine for weightlifting, muscle training or functional training, then, plate loaded machines will never disappoint you. A proper workout will burn the calories as well as your stress. If you are searching for the best home gym equipment sellers in Dubai, then purchase your product online through

Since plate loaded machines are customizable, it is a good choice for your home gym set-up in Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates, find your personal gym space at home to cherish your family time even when you do a healthy workout. Are you confused about functional training? Then continue reading the article to know more about functional training and plate loaded machines.

Plate Loaded Machines

Functional Training

Most of the new gym users might be confused about functional training. Functional training is a proper workout training method, wherein it resembles that of a casual movement in your day-to-day life. It prevents you from injuries and it benefits the whole body as well as part of your body. To know more about functional training contact us now.

So, when you have a plate loaded machine at your home gym in Dubai, it will help you to be stronger. The weight movements with your body strength will increase your muscle strength. It is one of the best fitness equipment for endurance training. If you are still confused about buying a plate loaded machine for your home gym in the United Arab Emirates, then visit our website, the top home gym equipment sellers of Dubai.

 Functional Training

 Plate loaded Machine

Plate loaded machines are ideal for home gyms if the user is interested in functional training. It uses round plates, similar to that in a barbell. In plate loaded machines, the weight has to be added or removed manually.  It increases strength and stability in the shoulder and rest of the regions. There are different types of plate loaded machines and our products variants are: bench press, leg and bicep curl, incline press, seated row and calf, flat incline- decline bench, bar or low row, squat set, leg extension or press, power rack and rear kick, wide chest, seated dip, standing press, lateral chest, abdominal crunch machine, standing squat and triceps extension.

The plate loaded machine holds the minimum or the maximum weight, depending upon the personal choice. It means, in plate loaded machines, one can personalize their choice of weight. This budget friendly machine aids in building muscles. It impacts on pectorals and biceps and helps in upper body toning. It burns fat and strengthens the body and improves muscle health. It ensures proper blood flow, which reduces the probability of cardiovascular diseases. To get one for your home gym in Dubai and to know more get in touch with us!

Plate Loaded Machines

Benefits of Plate Loaded Machine

            It entrusts the traditional weightlifting experience, as a brute-force weightlifting. Without any cables or support, plate loaded machines aid in lifting the weight with the body. This natural weightlifting experience functions against the gravitational force. By identifying the weaker side, it allows its users to balance weight, without overworking on the weaker side.

By mixing and matching the plates, its users can customize their preferred weight limit. Following are the advantages of owning a plate loaded machine:

  • Unlimited weight capacity: you can use minimum weight or maximum weight, depending upon personal choice.


  • Easy maintenance: the machine is not complicated and is easy to use.


  • Bilateral and Unilateral movements: you can stress a particular part of your body or can have a full body workout. So, it is beneficial for weak or strong muscle training.


  • Reliable: It is strong and a user can comfortably use it without risks.


  • Customizable: the weight and speed are customizable and it is manual.

If you are confused, then contact our customer care executive now or order the top-quality machine from us through

Demerits of owning a plate loaded machine

Every aspect can be viewed from two angles. While you own a plate loaded machine, the significant disadvantage is that it consumes a lot of time to set or to reset the plates. When you want to change the weight level, it disrupts the whole workout process. In this process, you have to lift and carry plates, which are heavy. However, as a functional training machine at your home gym, plate loaded machines are ideal. Because it will be customized as per the requirement of the user, unlike a gym, wherein each user has a different preference.


            Now, you know the benefits of having a home gym with a plate loaded machine. The provides gym setup service and supplies top quality equipment at a reasonable price. Our annual maintenance service is an added advantage. Our gym flooring service is personalized with assured quality. Select the appropriate plate loaded equipment for your home gym in Dubai and contact us now for more details.